and so it begins anew

hallway in saporo

After considerable procrastination I finally decided to move from my old haunt (blogbeebe on Blogger) to something a little more “upscale”, such as WordPress. I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time, but a very large anchor of posts has kept me from moving over. As of today I’ve been on Blogger for nearly ten years, and I have over 1,500 posts on the old blog.

The biggest reason for moving on from Blogger is that Google, the owner of Blogger, is ignoring it. It has barely changed over the years, and what has changed has been rather minor and towards integration into Google+.

Unlike Google+, Blogger is showing increasing signs of benign neglect. And considering the history of Google’s propensity to buy and then abandon properties (the latest being RSS Reader) that don’t fit into Google’s walled garden, I figured I’d better get while the gittin’ was good.

And so I wound up on WordPress.

I did ask some folks on the web about their experience with WordPress (such as atmtx, an Austin, Texas-based urban photographer) and everywhere I asked, the responses were very positive. That backed up my experiences with reading their WordPress powered blogs.

Right now I’ve signed up for the simplest free WordPress blog until I get some experience with posting to a WordPress powered blog. When I get my “blog legs” under me, then I’ll think about adding (and paying) for more features. But for the time being, simple is good.

I also hope that the move to WordPress will spark something of a creative renaissance. My posting on the old Blogger site has fallen quite a bit over the past year. I doubt I’ll reach the frenetic pace of a post/day that I was following in 2011, but I do want to get back to a steady productive pace, and one that has a reasonably high quality level. I want to write because I want to, not because I feel obligated.

For all of my readers, both old and new, welcome. And thanks for stopping by.