pandemic week 19 — it’s only gotten worse

I don’t even know where to begin. The last time I wrote an entry on the Pandemic, it was on 11 June, and we had half as many confirmed cases. Even the number of world-wide cases has more than doubled, from 7million to over 15 million.

For the first time I’m including a dashboard just for Florida. This is being maintained by the Rebekah Jones, who was fired by the Florida in May because she refused to massage the statistics and make it look better than it really was.

Here’s the link:

Here’s her story:

So much has been going crazy in this country over the last six weeks. Even Trump has finally given up holding the Republican convention in Jacksonville because it’s a grand coronavirus clusterfuck here in Florida. Yeah, look at those charts above, and see that Florida has 1/10 of the US’ total confirmed cases.

And by the way, keep this in mind: We could be off by as much as an order of magnitude, or to put it another way, we could have ten times as many coronovirus cases as officially documented.

It’s time to vote out Trump and DeSantis. It’s time to vote all the bastards out.

reinstalling jetpack 4.4 official on the jetson xavier nx

I reinstalled JetPack 4.4 on my NX. It wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter. A couple of nights back I picked up the latest Ubuntu 18.04/L4T updates, and when it rebooted, it refused to come back up. After all that work playing with it, and with no backup, I pulled the current image from the Nvidia website and started over again.

Which was, in hind sight, actually a Good Thing. The Developer’s Preview had picked up a bit of cruft from all my experimentation. Being forced to recreate the boot image wasn’t all that horrible, it just cost me a detour and a chunk of my time I really didn’t want to have to give up.

It wasn’t all that bad, actually. After all, you flash a micro SDXC card, poke it into the NX, and apply power. Fortunately for me the bits I cared about were on my blog, and I used my other Linux notebook to basically copy my home directory to a 64GB thumb drive, from which I cherry-picked the bits I want to move over to the new install.

One of the oddball problems I ran into was re-installing Deno. On the 4.4 Developer’s Preview I’d installed Deno via Rust’s cargo, and got Deno version 1.0.2 up and running. This time, Deno had moved up to version 1.1.3 and failed to build via cargo. I’ve gotten Deno back by pulling the source tarball off of Deno’s github site. I discovered what the cargo build failure was by watching the source tarball build: The module deno_lint is 0.1.16 from cargo, and it fails all over the place with unresolved calls. The module deno_lint in the source tarball is version 0.1.15, and it builds. After the build, I pushed my binary over to ~./local/bin (which is in my path) and carried on using Deno.

Oh, and I pulled the latest Emacs from their git site, and I’m now running with version 28.0.50. Some things are actually a smidge better with this release.