caturday — let napping kitties lie

Let Napping Zoë’s Lie

The weather is getting cooler in central Florida, with the daytime highs in the 70°s and the evenings down in the 50°s and upper 40°s. Combine those cool temperatures with Nick running loose with the girls, and they are doing more napping these days than they have up until now. Sometimes they sleep with their heads up, as Zoë shows us here.

Let Napping Danï’s Lie

Other times they curl up within themselves, such as Danï illustrates above. Being a polydactyl with the most toes,Danï shows plenty of toe beans while she sleeps.

Being sisters from the same litter, they are still staying close to each other, even at this point in their lives. They were less than three feet from each other when these were taken.



It’s another Caturday. This particular morning is wonderfully cool outside, 70° and low humidity, a lovely late fall day in Orlando. Even the cats love to go out and romp across the lanai. In order of appearance is Luke, Nick, Zoë, and Danï. The other two, Bo and Momma Jett, where off doing whatever mysterious acts they do.