one more thing…

I inadvertently stumbled into running the Linux VM bash shell in a Chrome tab. The URL for accessing this is chrome-untrusted://terminal/html/terminal.html.

You’re welcome.

a third post

This is a follow-on from the second post, documenting what I had to do in the Gutenberg editor to finish up and publish the second post.

I was able to paste screenshots of the Gutenberg editor into the Google document showing the Gutenberg tools for managing those screenshots within WordPress. In Gutenberg the first action I performed was to center the image in the WordPress post.

The second action I performed was to link the image to the media file itself (which is uploaded to my WordPress blog media section), which is what I always want to do. That way images can be clicked and the full image made available for inspection by anyone reading the post.

I have to admit that the Gutenberg editor is more polished than it was even six months ago, which was the last time I tried to do anything with the new editor. There are other capabilities that I need to try out with Gutenberg, but so far I can do quite a bit with it, although not everything. Perhaps its increased maturity and polish is due to WordPress’ reaction to the intense criticism it’s engendered since its initial release. I’m yet to declare my willingness to embrace it over the classic editor. My intense dislike of Gutenberg, early Gutenberg, is what’s motivated me to work with Google Docs as my primary writing tool.