having another go publishing via ulysses

This is yet another attempt to write for my blog using an alternative to the web interface which I prefer above just about anything else. In this case it’s the Ulysses writing application on an iPhone.

I’ve been want to do this a lot more than I have up to this point. The problem is getting all of this to work together as frictionlessly as possible. Writing into Ulysses isn’t the problem, it’s publishing to WordPress when you want to. So now it’s been a while since the last time I tried this, and I’ve stepped up my WordPress subscription to Business. I’ve selected a better web template which I quite like, and which was only available at this subscription level. So there’s a bit of hope going on here.

If this really works then I can use Ulysses to act as my notebook, jotting down ideas, fleshing them out further as time permits and more ideas bubble up. The frustrating thing for me is to be somewhere and have an interesting thought strike, and not copy it down somewhere. Then another event occurs and I loose all track of it. And I know I have because I’ll remember it later, but only in fragments, and that’s frustrating.

I do like just being able to run ideas off into the app with my Microsoft Folding Keyboard. It’s a Bluetooth device that is extremely simple and quick to pair with the iPhone. Even though the keyboard appears the same size as a notebook keyboard, the keys have been moved out of the way of the center fold and the spaces between keys removed. It takes a bit of time and practice to get used to. Regardless, I can still type far faster with the foldable Microsoft than using the on-screen keyboard.

So I’ll publish this and we’ll see how it all works out.

luke the pool ginger

Early morning and the Gingers are patrolling the screened-in pool area. I like the practice of attempting to photograph cats in motion. Images of partial cat photos abound on my camera cards, and the majority get scrubbed. Now I just wait until they decide to stop and rest.

Taken with the Pen F, 1.8/45mm, and Mono 2 with personal adjustments SOOC. And for the digirati who demand all images be post processed (and I’m looking at you Phoblographer), we were given RAW to work with in the 2000s as an acknowledgement by all the camera makers that their internal JPEG engines were very poor. Today’s engines are excellent.

And as another experiment I wrote this using the WordPress smartphone apps, both Android and iOS. They differ greatly in their functionality, with the Android version being the much worse of the two. Started on Android, finished on iOS.

Finally finally, I had to come back into this with the web-based editor and add the paragraph breaks back in again. I don’t ask for much, but when I put blank lines between my paragraphs I expect them to survive publication, even via the apps. The app will be limited to just roughing out drafts until I can get back to a Decent Editor to finish them out. And whomever is in charge of the WordPress smartphone apps needs to really test them before pushing them out. They’ve both got real obvious bugs and the “experience” between Android and iOS is obviously not the same, at least to me.