my apple attitude today

It’s been a while since I purchased anything from Apple. With the exception of my 16″ 2019 MacBook Pro, which was purchased in 2020 to support my consulting work, I’ve not purchased anything from Apple since I purchased my iPhone 11 Pro Max in September 2019. That was the last new item. I’ve got an Apple Watch Series 3 I picked up heavily (really heavily) discounted in 2017. Apple is currently selling Series 6. I’ve got a couple of iPad Pros (9 and 12 inchers) that were purchased well past their release dates because they were on sale and because they still had the buttons at the bottom and 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Nothing spectacular, but even so, and even with heavy discounts, still expensive relative to other vendors. All except the Apple Watch; the Android Watch equivalents are all pretty much garbage, with Google essentially abandoning Wear OS.

My biggest complaint continues to be the sloppy software that runs on everything. Take iOS for example. I still have to reboot my iPhone because it’s the only way to get Shortcuts to work when Shortcuts decides to not work. It’s the only way from time to time to get Siri to make hands-free calls when attached to my car and using Apple Car Play. I have issues with it recognizing my aging AirPods from time to time, which is fixed either by repeating a pairing with my iPhone, or else, in one case, you guessed it, rebooting my iPhone.

But damn, when I try to consider using Windows 10 or Linux desktop or Android, they’re as bad (Windows) if not worse (Linux and Android) than Apple equivalents. I’ll probably stay with Apple and its various operating systems not because they’re better, but because the alternatives are so much more worse.

And while you’re here, listen to Linus tell you why Linux desktop sucks. It’s enlightening.

windows 10 report – fixing an operating system update failure

I still own a Samsung Series 7 Chronos 17.3″ (NP700Z7C). I purchased it in May 2013 with 8GB ram and a 1TB hard drive. It came with Windows 8 installed. Over time I’ve replaced the HDD with a Samsung SSD, and the OS has upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 to 10. During the Windows 10 period I made the questionable decision to become part of the Insider’s Program (the part they call the “slow ring”). It’s been a long roller coaster ride, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I was given an opportunity to get off that roller coaster, and because of some really bad experiences, I took it. As of today I’m off.

What drove me off the Insider Program was a constant failure during the last set of pre-releases to perform a download and update. Time after time, over a several month period, updates failed. Microsoft provided no official fixes, and I went looking (i.e. “googling”) for possible solutions. Either the recommended forum solutions didn’t work or on a lot of web sites I ran into popups trying to do all sorts of mean and nasty things. I’ve got a system with all updates and I’ve got a lot of features disabled or uninstalled to harden the system’s security posture. That’s no guarantee that bad things won’t ever happen, but it does help.

To keep you from falling into the same questionable sites here’s what I used to fix the update failure problem and it comes from Microsoft and an official Microsoft web site. Go to and select Windows 10 at the bottom of the page. This will open up a new section at the bottom for Windows Update Troubleshooter. Download it, execute it, and follow its directions. If I’d found this sooner it would have saved me a week of evenings of grief.

Like I wrote above, I’m off the Microsoft Insider Program roller coaster, and I’m glad to be back on solid ground.