inspiration 4

I watced the night launch of Inspiration 4 from my front yard here in Orlando. The sky had managed to clear looking east towards the space coast, so I stood and enjoyed the spectacle. I then went back inside and watched the live stream until they successfully achieved orbit (I had no doubt they would).

It was spectacular. It was historic, full of many firsts, and more firsts to come. And it was all SpaceX. Not NASA, or ULA, or Blue Origin, or Virgin Galactic, or Roscosmos. It was all SpaceX. And if you think that SpaceX won’t successfully launch and prove Starship and Superheavy, think again. We’re at least going back to the moon on a Starship, not anything else. And from there…

the sound of thunder

As the little graphic on the left denotes, I was a ‘virtual’ guest to today’s SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of Commercial Resupply Mission 22. This is Nasa’s attempt to drum up civilian interest in the current space program. I can’t just take off and drive to the coast to try to watch a launch up close; I’ve tried that a number of times in the past, and every time the launch was scrubbed. Perhaps with SpaceX’s reliability and high launch cadence, I might be able to actually drive over with my wife and truly watch a launch.

I was outside in my front yard with one of my cameras and a long telephoto trying to grab a photo or two, but there was quite a bit of cloud cover to the east, and so I couldn’t. What was more interesting to me was to hear the distant low thunder of the first stage lifting off. I have from time to time, if the cloud cover is just right, been able to hear what I can’t see. Today’s distant rumble was a consolation prize, if you will, of not being able to see the launch. At least I got the opportunity to hear it. What’s more interesting is that I live near Universal Studios south of Orlando, so that was quite the distance for the launch sound to travel.