the insouciant photographer

Self Portrait - First Light 20mmSo I’m bumming my way around the Internets this morning when I stumble into Kirk Tuck’s place, and what should I come across but this $5 word in one of his posts: insouciance. And I’m thinking to myself, I haven’t run across this word since, what, college? And we won’t get into how long it’s been since I saw a college classroom, shall we? So anyway, I tuck that into the back of my mind and go out and run my usual honey-do errands (this being Christmas Eve) and as my id chews on this word in the back of my mind, it slowly begins to dawn on me that perhaps I could rename the blog, or start a new one. The Insouciant Photographer. A play on The Online Photographer as it were.

I mean, look at that ugly thing at the top. How much more can I show a casual lack of concern or indifference?

Taken a little over two years ago when I first got my then-new Panasonic 20mm, mounted on the old but comfortable Olympus E-P2. Post processed in Silver Efex Pro 2, using the following recipe:

Wet Rocks
Brightness 0
Contrast -50
Structure 50
Fuji Neopan ACROS 100
Vignette – lens falloff 3