we need a t-shirt

This is in response (in a good way) to a post by John Scalzi, which links to an earlier post he wrote on essentially the same subject. The t-shirt was inspired by the first bullet point Mr. Scalzi wrote in that second post. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then by all means go and read those articles. Especially the second. They are both well worth your time. Especially the second.


This t-shirt was designed at Custom Ink:

an itsy bitsy ode to scalzi

There is no Scalzi, only Smudge.

I do not truck with any burrito without heft.
If your burrito is convenient and portable, take it elsewhere.
I want a burrito that is burdensome. Unwieldy.

When I raise such to my mouth, I should feel the weight of the mistake I am about to make.
No child should be able to eat it.

— Author Unknown