as an american i’d like to personally apologize to western europe



This past week has been without a doubt one of the worst so far in the current president’s tenure. Considering all the ways he’s managed to insult nearly everyone from England throughout the Nato alliance, it’s a wonder a war hasn’t broken out against the US. I can’t even begin to enumerate all the different ways he’s insulted our major Nato allies, at one point calling the EU a foe in the same way you would call Russia a foe, except he’s such an idiot that what he might have been saying is that they’re an economic competitor which would have been bad enough. But no, he called them a trade ‘foe’, so it will stand that way. And I can only stand in sorrow and embarrassment when I consider the sacrifices that were made in Europe during the second world war to beat back the Nazis and build the Nato alliance to avoid that kind of horror reoccurring.

The problem with getting rid of that idiot is that he’s just a symptom of a larger problem; one that manifests itself in the fact that in 2016 62 million American voters voted directly for him. He’s not alone in what he’s been spewing. Just remember that.

deplorably moronic