some facts about americans

Such a fine way to start the month of December. I spend as little time as possible on Twitter, let alone quote from it, because it’s been such a hot mess for many years. It was, and still is, one of the key vectors used to distort the 2016 election. But this morning I found this tweet and felt it worth quoting in total. I’ve checked the numbers via alternate sources and they are reasonably correct. It’s their interpretation that is more dramatic than needs to be.

That 20% at the bottom is derived from dividing the number of Trump voters by the total US population. If you divide Trump voters by the total number of eligible US voters, you get 26%. If you divide Trump voters by the total US eligible voters who actually voted, you get 46%.

Regardless of which percentage you choose, it’s still a damning indictment showing Trump did not win the majority of the popular vote. He won by gaming the US electoral college with out-an-out lying and considerable help from his friends in Moscow. And those are true facts to consider.

One more statistic that damns US voters: out of 250,000,000 registered voters, only 56%, a little more than half, bothered to vote in 2016. We need to bring that percentage up in order to beat Trump in 2020 as well as clean out the Trump enablers in the Senate.

mile marker on the road to hell


I can’t believe how hard it is to write this, and yet I feel compelled to put something into the blog at this point in my life and history. A mile-marker on the way down the road to hell.

The biggest issue is that the Corrupter in Chief offered a bride. A mob boss type of bribe. “You give me dirt on my political opponents and I’ll give you hundreds of millions of ‘aid’ in return.” It didn’t matter that the money had already been earmarked for aid to Ukraine. The Corrupter in Chief nevertheless held it back in an effort to extort what he wanted out of the President of Ukraine.

The bribery is bad enough. It’s the full complicity of the entire Rupublican party (his spelling) that adds to the full stench of corruption coming out of both the rotting corpse of a party as well as the Corruptor himself.

Something fundamental needs to be done to counter this in 2020. And I don’t mean just show up and vote.