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rolling art

June 6, 2018

Sometimes I come across a motorcycle that I feel an instant appreciation for. I don’t ride, haven’t since I was 14 and put one down while I was living in Atlanta (came away with scraps and a bruised ego). But there are certain brands and models that just look so good standing still that I have to stop and take a picture. Or two.

Photos were taken with a now-ancient Olympus OM-D E-M5 (the original and still working quite well) with the “modest” M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8. Images post processed in Silver Efex Pro 2 on a Macbook Pro.

bo man

February 4, 2018

I’m not watching the Super Bowl tonight. I haven’t in decades. I can’t stand brutalized and barbaric American football.

Instead, I’m playing around with my camera and Lightroom and Nik Analog Efex Pro, working to make my ginger Bo Man look his best. My Nik Collection was purchased back before Google bought them and then later sold them on after pulling Snapseed, the iOS/Android photo post-processing app. Google never had any intention to continue the full Nik Collection development. So everything except Snapseed languished, until Google sold the Collection to DxO. It will be interesting to see if, let alone how, DxO grandfathers all us prior owners into their version of the Collection.

But for now my versions of the Nik Collection continues to work on my MBP, even with macOS 10.13.3. I’m satisfied, and so is Bo Man.