dr. p. phillips hospital

Dr. Phillips Hospital Entrance

Out with my wife, driving her to see one of her doctors, I took a stroll outside to see what was available to photograph. The entrance to the hospital, combined with the time of day and the lighting, was an interesting presentation. Combine that with the Line Art filter and I produced something that looks like an abstract ink and acrylic illustration.

My “go-to” camera these days is the original Olympus E-M5 and the m.Zuiko 14-42mm EZ pancake zoom. It’s a very small, light-weight and discrete package.

using an olympus e-m5 with its art filters

I have my collection of Olympus digital cameras, the majority of them being micro four thirds. Two I still hold dear are a pair of original E-M5s. I took one of them out with me today with the M.Zuiko 14-42 EZ ED MSC collapsable lens with the LC-37C automatic lens cap. It makes for an extremely compact package, and the automatic lens cap closes over the front element when the camera is powered off and the lens collapses into what appears to be pancake lens. Call it a pancake zoom.

With its Sony manufactured 16MP sensor it’s certainly not a high resolution beast, but it has more than enough resolution for my needs. It’s no speed daemon, but it’s more than fast enough for a slower, more thoughtful approach to photography.

After all these years I’ve become interested again in the Olympus Art filters, which this camera has. When I was out earlier today acting as a chauffeur for my wife, I walked around outside using the Key Line filter taking photos while she was in the doctor’s office. For me, for whatever reason, all the Art filters are once again worth investigating further. It brings back an interest in this camera, and photography in general.