i received my first corona virus vaccination today

I don’t normally do selfies, but this one was important enough. My wife and I drove down to the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive to receive our first Moderna vaccinations. It was an in-car affair, where we drove a carefully cordoned path past various checkpoints, where we were checked and questioned and then finally directed to a spot inside one of the car garages where we both received our shots. It was highly professional, absolutely fast and totally painless. I took a quick selfie right before the person who gave me my shot injected me. No pain, no muss, no fuss. We left and then sat in an outdoor parking lot for 15 minutes to make sure we weren’t going to have a reaction, and then we drove home.

So far I’ve had a short spell of soreness, followed by a bit of itching. Right now as I write this I don’t feel a thing. Neither does my wife.

Our second shot is scheduled for 6 February.

I wish a lot more of this was going out to people, a lot faster.

In the mean time we will continue to stay masked and exercise proper social distancing, as well as staying away from crowded areas and only going out when it’s absolutely necessary. Although we’re no where out of the woods yet, I feel a solid sense of progress since this pandemic started. My wife and I have been following this since late December 2019 when the very first reports started to surface from Wuhan, China.

dorian’s arrival

Dorian, or should I say its rain bands, have arrived over Orlando. These rain bands along with tropical force winds will continue until mid-morning tomorrow as Dorian slowly crawls up Florida’s Atlantic coast. According to forecasters Dorian will be picking up speed as it moves further north and east. This is due in part to another low pressure ridge moving east off of the Great Lakes. The screen capture is from the iOS version of Dark Skys.

Dark Skys is a hit-or-miss kind of forecast app. If I have it focused on a city, such as Orlando, it’s fairly accurate. If I allow it to use my address, half the time it has the wrong address, and more times than I care for it misses a forecast entirely. More than once it’s been raining outside and Dark Skys shows nothing. Thus accuracy for me increases with a well-known landmark.