this is the way a sunday cat rolls

Luke on top, Bo on the bottom. It’s been cloudy today, rainy the latter part of last week. This seems to have put everyone in a low energy state. The Gingersnaps love to go out into Judy’s sewing room and spend time with her while she works on one of her projects.

Pen F, 1.8/45mm, Mono 1 black and white straight out of the camera.

it’s still a cat morning

After an arduous early morning pool watch, Luke is taking a well earned morning sprawl in one of the many cat beds strategically located about the residence he deigns to share with his Person.

All my four footers, including the Gingersnaps, bring little rays of joy into my life on a constant basis. My wife and I both agree our lives would be much bleaker without them, especially in these trying times.