june caturday

Napping Gingers
Beau on the right holds Nicholas, while Luke snoozes in the back on towels

Thundery Saturday. Tropical depression Arlene, which formed in the eastern Gulf, is heading south out of the Gulf and over the western tip of Cuba (now that’s a switch!). While that’s happening, the storm is pulling rain bands across central and south Florida. Meanwhile the cats are finding spots all over to nap while the rains and the thunders pass over us. It’s going to be interesting at 2am tomorrow morning when everybody decides it’s time to play.

may caturday

A look of concern…

A lot has been happening in my life since January; it has been, as the Chinese curse says, interesting times. As a consequence I’ve not written much in my weblog, as anything I might write about has been overcome by events (OBE).

Today I decided to add a bit of whimsy to my weblog with another photo of Luke in his favorite spot in the house, on the kitchen counter-top next to the sink. He’ll either sit and purr or walk over next to me and head bop me for rubs and scritches. And that face, with those eyes. I know he can’t talk but I sometimes wish he could.

I’ve also decided on the following rules for writing:

  1. This is a weblog, not a blog, and
  2. I write in my weblog, not ‘blog.’ The word ‘blog’ is neither a real word in spite of common usage over the decades, nor is it a verb.