all creatures small and smaller

ruby and annie

It’s been a while since I lead off with any of the household animals, especially the Labs. I can still call out plural Labs because Annie is a Labradoodle mix. Pride of place in this photo belongs to Ruby, who has perfected the side-long look like no other Lab that’s ever lived with us. She loves to hop up on the sofa next to me, sidle over close, and then give me that “come hither” look, which for a Lab means “walk hither.” Annie, back in the shadows, is watching, picking up tips. Her schtick are her flying leaps, which I’m assuming come from the Poodle side of the Doodle mix.

cat condo

The Mackerel Tabbies seem to be getting along pretty well these days, at least in the big cat tree. I’ve not checked in about a month, but back in April, at six months, the Gingersnaps were weighed at nine pounds each. Lulu, resting at the bottom, is a little over fourteen. Everybody realizes Lulu is our special needs cat, and they give her reasonable wide berth. But when it comes time to nap, everybody gets along in the cat tree. As long as nobody but Lulu goes in the cat condo.


I’m photographing more, but posting less. The breaks are good as long as the don’t become indefinite. Top photo was taken with the Olympus E-M10 and the 14-42 EZ pancake zoom, bottom with the E-M10 and 45mm Zuiko. I also took the luxury of post processing with Lightroom 6.

the critters


Here, in no particular order, are some interesting photos of some of the critters that live with me and my wife. They fill our lives with joy and keep us entertained and on our toes (if not standing on our toes). They are, from top to bottom, Annie, Ponder, Ruby, and Annie again. I try as best I can to capture little moments from their lives. I have no favorites, I love them all. However, I have to admit that as Annie gets older she’s looking more and more like a living Muppet. She reminds me of Animal.

look into my eyes...

my pink gorilla

my pink gorilla

and yet life goes on – ruby and annie

Three weeks after loosing Max, we have Dreamboat Annie the Labradoodle and a much happier Ruby Tuesday. Or as Annie’s known informally, the wooly doodle. Or Annie-Banannie. She came to live with us a week after Max passed. She’s now five months. As can be seen in the back of mom’s Prius, they’re both pretty tight as far as canine buddies go.

She and Ruby have gotten used to one another and now play pretty heavily together. Tug-of-war, chase, dragon fights (where they play-mouth one another and make grunting sounds), and other doggish activities. Long walks every evening are now de rigueur once again. When they walk they walk together out front at a rapid pace. It’s been years since Max wanted to walk with any kind of pace and side-by-side out front with Ruby. Ruby is happy and I think pretty much over loosing Max.

As for me, it’s more complex. I have a lot of digital photos of the same period when Ruby first came to live with Max, at about the same age as Ruby is now. Being human my memories are a lot sharper, especially when helped by what I photographed and wrote about back then. Having Annie triggers an odd mixture of simultaneous pleasure in having her here while still feeling the pain of Max’s loss.

Life is neither simple nor slow. Annie’s introduction into, and interaction with, the household can’t be ignored while I mope around feeling sorry. It’s not fair to anyone, least of all little Annie.

Obviously there’s more to come. I just need to sit down and gather my thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs.

a quick note, and a short clip of max

MaxLastIcecream from William Beebe on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since the last post about Lucy. Writing about Max is a lot harder than writing about Lucy, and writing about Lucy was hard enough. This very short clip was taken by me at a McDonald’s across the street from our vet. Max loved his ice cream cones and as a final reward we took him over and got him one. I tried to film a longer clip, but was so emotional I couldn’t. But I think this is long enough. There’s no audio; it’s really not needed.

Right after this we went over to the vets and I let him and Lucy go.

I’m slowly coming around to wanting to write again, as well as photography and videography. There’s a lot that’s been happening in the world that affects me from a technological perspective as well, and I feel I need to speak out about that as well. I’ve also been very busy from a job perspective.

It’s time to re-engage with the world through my blogging.

time marches on, especially for dogs

the two charactersI spent the day working and getting ready to catch my flight out to Austin on Thursday. I’m facing another two-plus week in Killeen, just an hour north of Austin. I’ve been watching all the weather reports coming out of Texas and following the forecasts on my cell phone via Weather Underground. Looks like tomorrow will be partly sunny, enough for me to fly into Austin around 10am local time without running into any bad weather. But after that, looks like lots of rain for me to face. I’ve even packed two umbrellas.

I grabbed this frame of the two Labs with my old original E-M5 (I now have two) and the 15mm body cap lens. Just because. I exposed it using the Gentle Sepia art filter, but when I got it out of the camera and into Lightroom, I decided to crop the original raw and then run it through Silver Efex Pro 2. Again, just because.

I’m going to miss those two. Especially Max. This is Max’s last hurrah. His evening walks are limited to the local cul-de-sac right across the street from my home. We take it at his pace. His hips are giving out on him, and it’s not unusual for me to go back and give him a boost back up on his feet when his rear end collapses. What’s startling to me is how quickly this has taken hold of him. Back in February (was it just three months ago?) he was still going on what I’d call a regular, if slow, walk. But these days he picks the cul-de-sac every time. Even he has come to recognize his limitation.

What hits me so hard is his mind is still there. And he knows.

More Fun Now!This is what the two of them were like back in 2008. Ruby is four months and Max is just seven. This year, if Max makes it, he’ll be 15 in August and Ruby will be seven herself. And just to show how far I’ve come with cameras, that one was made with an Olympus E-300 FourThirds DSLR and the original 40-150 f/3.5-4.5 Digital Zuiko. I’ve used a lot of Olympus digital cameras since 2006, or nine years. I bought that E-300 in March of that year.