sunday ginger cats, part 2

All the cats hang in the kitchen nook, at some point during the day. That’s where all the food is located and where it’s prepared for their meals and treat times. The stroll in, run in, jump in, and once inside pick a spot to nap a bit before moving out to another spot around the house. But the center of their little universe is the kitchen. The source of nourishment and comfort for them, and for us.

What gets to me is Danï’s extra toes. I still can’t quite get used to that.

sunday ginger cats

Danï is now a big seven months old. As she’s grown physically she’s also grown into complex relationships with the other cats in the household. Here’s a example of her, in the dark, with the two boys. Many is the time I see the gingers grouping together, and the torties doing the same. And then they break up and go scampering all over the house. Lest you think this is somehow interfering with Danï and Zoë as littermates, it’s not. They still nap together, wrapped around each other. I don’t think that will ever change.