atom + juno = julia on macOS

You’re looking at the Atom editor, version 1.40.1, running Juno 0.7.2. I almost didn’t get to this point. I first downloaded Atom from its main web site (, unzipped the file, and moved the extracted application into my local Application folder. I then started Atom up via Launchpad and attempted to install Juno (uber-juno) within Atom. Juno installation failed to install. I tried a number of different recommended ways to get Juno to install, but every time Juno installation failed. That was late last night, and when midnight chimed I called it a day and went to bed.

Tonight, I removed that installation and instead installed Atom via brew ( using brew cask install atom. Installing Atom via brew seemed to do the trick. I was able to install uber-juno within Atom using the brew-installed version of Atom with no problems at all. As you can see it’s up and running and using Julia 1.1.1, the version I installed the previous night. I’m finally back to the tool set I used a year ago with Julia 1.0. Let’s see how this goes.

julia on raspbian buster – git source repository update

I continue to work with the tutorial examples on Julia By Example ( Rather than publish them here and talk about them, I’ve pushed everything I’ve updated to my modest spot on GitHub ( As I update more and bring it into compliance with Julia 1.2, I’ll continue to push it all there.

If you read the README, you’ll see I grew disillusioned with Julia September 2018. Coming back nearly a year later and a lot has changed, and working with Julia is now (for me) a lot more enjoyable. I also see the potential of Julia.