valentines caturday

Sleeping Danï

Nicholas Sunbathing

The little ones are still growing. And they’re still super active. The only way to photograph them is when they’re either sleeping at night or napping during the day.

Danï likes to cuddle next to me during the early evening before I go to sleep and start her complex sleep cycle, which consists of waking up and moving to other sleeping spots during the night. She and her sister are coming up on their third birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. Danï is the closest I’ve ever seen of a feline leprechaun.

Nicholas likes to lie in the sun, soaking up the warmth, during the day. I guess he thinks he’s working on his Zonker Harris tan. When he’s not tanning he’s busy wrestling with the girls, which includes momma Joan. Or standing up on his hind legs so he can peep out of windows. He’s a character, but then they all are.

Photos were taken with my aging iPhone 11 Pro Max. They were post processed to correct the garish colors that Apple’s iOS 16 software wants to overlay on photographs.

apple ios 16.0.2 bug fix release

Late yesterday evening I received an alert on my iPhone via Settings that a new iOS release was available. When I checked I was surprised to see what was for Apple detailed release notes. In particular there were two bug fixes I’d been tracking;

  • Camera IBIS vibration — I’d already written how the iPhone 14’s in-body-image-stabilization was activated to the point that the entire phone vibrated and buzzed if you tried to use the camera directly with various third-party iOS apps. Apple even issued a warning not to allow the buzzing to go for too long a period in order to avoid physically damaging the camera. Needless to say, great hilarity ensued on the internets.
  • Copy/paste permission popup — A very annoying bug that I never experienced occurred when you tried to paste into an app. The security setting was being misinterpreted such that every single time you wanted paste data into an app, you were asked to allow the app to have access to the iOS clipboard. Some users considered that too much security, and thus complained rather loudly that it inconvenienced them.

I’ve purchased more popcorn and eagerly await any future iOS bugs.