the day’s silliness

Beau Man loves to settle into my chair, especially after I’ve warmed it up sitting there for a while. This is his I’m-too-cute-to-move position, which he waits to take right when I walk up and see him. Usually when he’s like this I pick him up and then sit down holding him in my arms. It’s a 50/50 chance he’ll stay there, otherwise he walks off, waits five minutes, then comes back to lie in my lap. Who knows what’s going on in that feline mind.

My wife is still recovering from major back surgery. Part of her recuperation is for me to go out and get something for lunch. Today it was a wheat-and-smoked-turkey wrap from a local sandwich shop. I got a chipotle turkey sub on multigrain (with chipotle mayo and chipotle cheese — there’s a pattern here). While there I picked up this small apple pie. I didn’t realize special the price was until I got home and looked closer. Yes, someone has a gentle sense of humor in the bakery.

pi day with cats and labs


Today is International Pi Day because it’s 3/14, or 3.14. Whatever. The household creatures say ‘big deal’ since they can’t have any pie. Or pi. Again, whatever.


Ruby is her usual quiet, contemplative self. She cares not for pi unless it it means she gets 3, or possibly 4, treats. She will have none of this fractional business, especially just a fraction of a treat.

Camera and Lens

I bring up that these photos were taken with my Panasonic GH4 and the Lumix 30mm macro. The GH4 is a mere 16mp camera, that when first released in 2014 was considered the bee’s knees. I’ve never used it for video, having fallen for the still imagery I can create with this hybrid camera. I purchased this copy four years ago, three years after its release, and some nine months after the release of the GH5 in March 2017. Panasonic still had a lot of copies in inventory, so Panasonic had a Christmas sale and marked the GH4 down over half, and I bit. I’ve never regretted that decision.