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bo man

February 4, 2018

I’m not watching the Super Bowl tonight. I haven’t in decades. I can’t stand brutalized and barbaric American football.

Instead, I’m playing around with my camera and Lightroom and Nik Analog Efex Pro, working to make my ginger Bo Man look his best. My Nik Collection was purchased back before Google bought them and then later sold them on after pulling Snapseed, the iOS/Android photo post-processing app. Google never had any intention to continue the full Nik Collection development. So everything except Snapseed languished, until Google sold the Collection to DxO. It will be interesting to see if, let alone how, DxO grandfathers all us prior owners into their version of the Collection.

But for now my versions of the Nik Collection continues to work on my MBP, even with macOS 10.13.3. I’m satisfied, and so is Bo Man.

cats for the new year

January 7, 2018

Politically 2018 is developing into the same raging dumpster five that 2017 developed into. Rather than stress out over what has happened and continues to happen, I’m combining my hobby of Ginger raising and photography. These two photos are of Luke doing what Luke seems to do best: sleep.

Both photos were taken with the Olympus Pen F and the Panasonic 30mm macro. The top photo was make completely in camera without any post processing. The bottom was post processed in Lightroom 6 and NIK Silver Efex Pro 2. I’d get some of Bo, but Bo is uniquely uncooperative. And then, of course, there’s Ellipses, Ruby, and Annie. It’s good to have goals in life.