dumpsterfire2It’s been a few weeks since I’ve bothered to write; the fire in the belly to write anything has pretty much gone out. That’s because the raging dumpster fire of a presidency is pretty much sucking the oxygen out of just about everything else around it.

I’ve a lot on my plate as it is for the next few months, and I have to prioritize how I spend my time. Spending it here writing is unfortunately not the best use of my limited time, so blog writing goes to the absolute bottom of the stack of tasks for me to do.

That doesn’t mean I’m not engaged with the world or I don’t care. Believe me, I am and I do. If, for whatever reason you feel the need to follow my pearls of wisdom, then you can look for me on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter (@wbeebe4). But if you don’t, well, I certainly understand.

If you’d like to follow someone a lot more interesting and who consistently publishes, you can follow the science fiction author John Scalzi on his blog, http://whatever.scalzi.com.

and then things got intense

OrlandoHealthIn the middle of putting the house back together from the lightening strike, my poor wife had to make a trip to the hospital Tuesday afternoon due to atypical pneumonia. Which turned out to be, after a culture from some infected sputum she coughed up that first night at the hospital, a MRSA infection in her lungs. I brought her home three days later that Friday afternoon. She’s home now taking a very powerful antibiotic that works against MRSA.

She’s recovering, if slowly.