i’ve finally exited twitter

I finally decided I’d had enough. As I’ve written earlier I’d been visiting the site fewer and fewer times. The last gap between visits was nearly three weeks. That was the point I decided I might as well cut it loose. I’d already asked for and downloaded a full copy of all my tweets, going back to 2011, or 12 years. It took nearly three days to get the archive, and when I downloaded it, I looked inside it once, and haven’t looked at it since. That was back in January. You can’t just kill the account. You have to go through a process of deactivation, and then wait 30 more days. If after 30 days you haven’t logged back in then your account is deleted. I guess that’s to give you a second chance to reconsider your choice to leave.

Sorry, I won’t reconsider. I have my tiny corner on Mastodon, and that’s quite enough for me.


dumpsterfire2It’s been a few weeks since I’ve bothered to write; the fire in the belly to write anything has pretty much gone out. That’s because the raging dumpster fire of a presidency is pretty much sucking the oxygen out of just about everything else around it.

I’ve a lot on my plate as it is for the next few months, and I have to prioritize how I spend my time. Spending it here writing is unfortunately not the best use of my limited time, so blog writing goes to the absolute bottom of the stack of tasks for me to do.

That doesn’t mean I’m not engaged with the world or I don’t care. Believe me, I am and I do. If, for whatever reason you feel the need to follow my pearls of wisdom, then you can look for me on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter (@wbeebe4). But if you don’t, well, I certainly understand.

If you’d like to follow someone a lot more interesting and who consistently publishes, you can follow the science fiction author John Scalzi on his blog, http://whatever.scalzi.com.