lucy’s under the weather

looking for solaceNot only has my wife been under the weather, but Lucy decided to join in as well. After all, misery supposedly loves company. Lucy has been having stomach upsets over the last two weeks, with three incidents (at night) of vomiting; in her case ballistic vomiting. So I get to wipe up the chunky mess (thank goodness for our all-tile floors in the house) and then mop everything.

Lucy has also been coming over more often to look for comfort and rubs from me, her Person. The photo above is typical of Lucy putting her head down on my midriff and looking up for rubs. She purrs like a motor boat while I rub her. Her favorite rub spots are around her ears. Note that these are slow, gentle rubs. Cats are not dogs, such as our two Labs.

peeking out of the carrierToday I took her to the vets for her annual shots. I also took Ellipse to check the weight. Surprise, surprise, both cats showed noticeable weight gains, even Lucy. So while Lucy might be throwing up occassionally she’s keeping enough down that she’s gained about a pound and a half, which is a lot for a little cat.

As is so typical both of them meowed all the way over to the vet. Once there, they stayed quiet and in their carriers (or very close by). Cats are smart and have long memories. The vet is very good and gentle, but cats don’t like to travel and they are supper cautious around the vet and his assistants.

peeking up out of the carrierI came home with a new cat food (Royal Canin vet diet) formulated to be easier to digest as well as having less odd-ball ingredients. We’ll try this out for the rest of November and see how Lucy reacts. So far she seems to like it. But I know one thing, no more Purina Fancy Feast. It seems to cause more upsets with Lucy and Ellipse than I want to clean up.