i received my first corona virus vaccination today

I don’t normally do selfies, but this one was important enough. My wife and I drove down to the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive to receive our first Moderna vaccinations. It was an in-car affair, where we drove a carefully cordoned path past various checkpoints, where we were checked and questioned and then finally directed to a spot inside one of the car garages where we both received our shots. It was highly professional, absolutely fast and totally painless. I took a quick selfie right before the person who gave me my shot injected me. No pain, no muss, no fuss. We left and then sat in an outdoor parking lot for 15 minutes to make sure we weren’t going to have a reaction, and then we drove home.

So far I’ve had a short spell of soreness, followed by a bit of itching. Right now as I write this I don’t feel a thing. Neither does my wife.

Our second shot is scheduled for 6 February.

I wish a lot more of this was going out to people, a lot faster.

In the mean time we will continue to stay masked and exercise proper social distancing, as well as staying away from crowded areas and only going out when it’s absolutely necessary. Although we’re no where out of the woods yet, I feel a solid sense of progress since this pandemic started. My wife and I have been following this since late December 2019 when the very first reports started to surface from Wuhan, China.

waiting for moderna

I live in Orange County, Florida, which as it turns out is relatively enlightened compared to most of the other Florida counties. An example is the disbursement of corona virus vaccines. Orange County set up a relatively organized system for its at-risk citizens to create an appointment to receive the two shots. Other counties decided it would be an ad-hoc first come, first serve, and those were disasters with many at-risk citizens camped out in long lines waiting to sign up at certain respective locations. Here in Orange, my wife and I got an email alerts from OCAlert (Orange County Alert) on 28 December about the availability of the vaccines and to create an appointment as soon as possible. I, along with my wife, signed up by the morning of 29 December. Both of us will get our first shots this coming 9 January (a week from today) and the second on 6 February. As it turns out, all of those allocated doses for Orange County were spoken for within 24 hours.

With reports now saying that the more infectious variant of the corona virus has been circulating since October 2020, our concerns with regards to mask wearing and social distancing are at an even higher level. That makes the vaccines even more vital. The two of us are in the high-risk category, which explains why we got the OCAlert emails; as it turns out not everyone got them, just the identified high-risk Orange County citizens. Even after we get our shots, we’re still going to responsibly practice mask wearing and social distancing, as well as minimizing our travel away from home. Moderna’s 94.5% efficacy is not 100%, and anything is still possible, especially without proper diligence.