pandemic week 19 — it’s only gotten worse

I don’t even know where to begin. The last time I wrote an entry on the Pandemic, it was on 11 June, and we had half as many confirmed cases. Even the number of world-wide cases has more than doubled, from 7million to over 15 million.

For the first time I’m including a dashboard just for Florida. This is being maintained by the Rebekah Jones, who was fired by the Florida in May because she refused to massage the statistics and make it look better than it really was.

Here’s the link:

Here’s her story:

So much has been going crazy in this country over the last six weeks. Even Trump has finally given up holding the Republican convention in Jacksonville because it’s a grand coronavirus clusterfuck here in Florida. Yeah, look at those charts above, and see that Florida has 1/10 of the US’ total confirmed cases.

And by the way, keep this in mind: We could be off by as much as an order of magnitude, or to put it another way, we could have ten times as many coronovirus cases as officially documented.

It’s time to vote out Trump and DeSantis. It’s time to vote all the bastards out.

pandemic week 13 — now over 2 million US confirmed cases, 113,000 US deaths

  • Total confirmed cases US: 2,000,464
  • Total deaths US: 112,924
  • Daily worldwide cases still increasing, and have been since early March.

What can I say?

  • Florida has been clamping down on reporting both confirmed cases and total deaths. Anything now coming out of Florida is very under-counted. As a reward to our own Governor Asskisser, the GOP now wants to hold its convention in Jacksonville. This is so that Governor Asskisser, a.k.a. Ron DeSantos, can give a national, public, performance of him groveling while planting his lips on our Grand Idiot in Chief’s broad white ass.
  • The Grand Idiot in Chief, through his meat puppets on his re-election campaign staff, is demanding an apology from CNN as well as a cease-and-desist action. CNN’s crime? Reporting that Biden is 14 points ahead nation-wide of the Idiot in Chief in a poll CNN conducted ( ). This is a classic attempt at censorship of the news, which our nascent crop of fascists is trying so hard to execute against anything they deem as politically unacceptable to them and their goals.
  • The overwhelming protests around the world of the death of George Floyd at the hands of US Militarized Institutional Racism otherwise known as the Police has stirred up a hornets nest that needed stirring. And the wonderful police, instead of backing off, met peaceful protesters with more violence. The most egregious example was when The Idiot wanted to walk to a local church and hold up a Bible for a photo op ( ) and all the peaceful protestors were teargassed and hit with rubber bullets and other “non-lethal” weapons. This, of course, fooled absolutely no one. Now the general who appeared with the Grand Idiot on that walk apologized for being there with him (  ).
  • Further damning the Grand Idiot’s position is his inflammatory tweeting towards his critics and those who don’t act the way he wants to act towards the demonstrators. For example, he criticized the mayor of Seattle for pulling back the police while all the pretesting is going on. This worked in Seattle to keep things in order, but the Grand Idiot didn’t think so; he felt the “anarchists must be stooped [sic].” The mayor of Seattle told him to ‘go back to your bunker’ and basically STFU ( ).

November 2nd can’t come soon enough. I now have enough masks to last until next year, so I’m going out to campaign locally against the Grand Idiot.