caturday, 13 february 2021

Luke looks upSo what do you show on a Caturday? Cats, of course. And I have five (five!) to chose from.

First up is Luke in the classic turkey position while his attention is being held by I-don’t-know-what. Yes, I looked. But I didn’t see anything. Maybe he was trying to fake me out. He does that on occassion.
You caught me!Next up is little Danï looking for all the world like I caught her in the act of doing … something. Who knows what was going on in her little mind at the time.
WatchfulFinally we have little Zoë giving me the stink eye while trying to rest in her bed. I’ll get that until she wants to come over and snuggle. Then all is forgiven.

All taken with the Olympus E-M1.2. Top photo used the Panasonic Leica 1.4/25mm, the rest using the Olympus 40-150mm PRO.

even more cats on the internet

Still sisters

Danï (left) and Zoë hug one another in their shared bed. They’re nearly a year old, and yet they still want to “hang” together as littermates.


Momma Joan Jett (their biological mother) holds court at her favorite spot in the house, a foot stool with a red pillow on it.

Lil' Danï light study #1

Another study of Lil’ Danï in the late afternoon sun.

All photos taken with the Olympus E-M1.2. Top photo used the Panasonic Leica 1.4/25mm wide open. The middle used the 2.8/12-40mm PRO wide open, and the bottom used the 2.8/40-150mm PRO wide open. I’m not just using the newest 40-150mm zoom, but a lot of other favorites as well. The E-M1.2 handles everything exceptionally well. No lag in focus, no issues in exposure.