the little prince

Bo on his Plow & Hearth pillow

Our cats, now over three-and-a-half-years-old, are in firm control of the household. They know that it’s the two of them who are really in charge. To drive that point home, Bo has decided that his newest favorite spot in the house is lounging on the red Plow & Hearth pillow on top of a foot stool in the TV room.

Saturday, I’d been cleaning and moving things around and I just happened to put the pillow on top of the foot stool just to get it out of the way. In less time than you can say “Ginger Marmalade Cat” Bo not only discovered its location, but had further decided he liked perching on top. And in that specific position so he can keep his eyes on me while resting.

My wife and I had originally decided to give the pillow to Goodwill, but it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon. I don’t think Bo would be too happy if the pillow were to leave the house. So it stays, oriented as you see it, on the foot stool. Now I get to observe if Luke, his brother, will wrestle with him over the right to lie upon it as well.

micky the ragdoll

Micky the Rag Doll Cat

Here’s my second cat photo. This one is of Micky, a Ragdoll Cat rescue taken care of by a very good friend here in Orlando. Micky has a brother named Charlie, another rescued Ragdoll, who is shyer than Micky. Charlie was abused by his former owner before he was rescued, so I understand Charlie and I give him a wide berth when I visit. Perhaps one day he’ll grant me a proper audience and I can get some photos of him.

I was only able to get any photos of Micky, and only when Micky wanted to be photographed. What’s interesting about Mickey are his blue eyes and dark face, which remind me of a Siamese. But it’s the long fluffy coat that mark him as a Ragdoll, as well as the fact he came from Florida Ragdoll Rescue.

Once again the photo was taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 wide open. I worked a bit with the RAW in Lightroom 6. For me there’s enough depth of field and sharpness around the nearer eye, while the background (the living room) is nicely out of focus.