if i fits, i sits

Fits better this way…

I “gave” all the cats a Christmas present of cardboard covers on top of the wet food I purchase for my two dogs from Chewy. Chewy sends out the 12-can cases covered with a special cardboard cover to better protect them in shipment. I dropped four of the cardboard tops on the kitchen floor for all to play with. Luke decided to try this one out, with his brother Bo checking out what Luke was doing.

Doesn’t quite fit this way…

Sometimes Luke tries different ways to fit into the box. In this case, he’s just a bit too chonky to fit in, pushing out the sides.

I decided to go black and white because color wouldn’t help tell the story any better, and there are times I like black and white photography.


Ginger cuddle pile

Cuddle pile in the TV room of our home with three of the six. Left to right is Luke, Nick, and Bo. Luke and Nick are in Lucy’s old sunshine bed. I wash it regularly and everybody loves to pile into that thing. Nick is a little over four months old, but at the rate he’s growing he looks like a six-month-old kitten.