june caturday

Napping Gingers
Beau on the right holds Nicholas, while Luke snoozes in the back on towels

Thundery Saturday. Tropical depression Arlene, which formed in the eastern Gulf, is heading south out of the Gulf and over the western tip of Cuba (now that’s a switch!). While that’s happening, the storm is pulling rain bands across central and south Florida. Meanwhile the cats are finding spots all over to nap while the rains and the thunders pass over us. It’s going to be interesting at 2am tomorrow morning when everybody decides it’s time to play.

march caturday

Head Skritches
Luke getting head skritches
Deep Sleep
Beau in deep sleep

I’m glad this is a Caturday. I’m glad I have a house full of furry happy characters. They’re so sweet. To paraphrase an old saying, the more I know people the more I love my cats (and my dogs too, for that matter).

Luke is always marching into my lap and settling in for rubs and skritches. This photo of him should show you just how big his head is in comparison to my hand. His head is about as big as a softball, which, to me, for a domestic short-hair house cat is pretty darn big. What you can’t hear are the constant and loud purrs of contentment coming from Luke. As a side note, would you look at the long whiskers on that boy!

When Beau wants to sleep, he doesn’t want to be disturbed. He will tuck his head underneath a foreleg and wrap his tail around himself, so that he’s a compact bundle of sleeping ginger cat. I don’t know what it is they do to get so tired, but whatever it is it must be pretty intense.

Top photo was grabbed with my iPhone 11, the bottom was taken with a first generation (the original!) Olympus E-M5 and 1.8/45mm M.Zuiko lens.