happy birthday annie

Birthday Annie
Annie in the sunset

Dreamboat Annie turned eight today. I can’t believe eight years have flown by with Annie, but here we are. She’s still the wild energetic puppy we brought home all those years ago. She’s the house alarm, barking at package deliveries as they walk up the drive to our front door, because she recognizes the vehicle engine, and I quite believe she hears them walking on the sidewalk up to the front door. It’s a lot of fun celebrating her birthday on Valentines Day as well. For her birthday we took her and her sister, Ruby, out on a ride in the Acura. Her mom and dad had to run a few errands into Orlando, so they both sat in the middle seats in their special seat covers and watched the world go by as we drove and went about our errands.

Annie has such a sweet innocent look to her face. Ruby does as well, but Annie’s look is distinctive. I’ve always raised Labs, but never Doodles. Annie has been a learning experience, in a good way.

november doodle

What’s ThatNoise?

For me this is the start of real fall, the month of Thanksgiving.

But let’s talk about Halloween for a moment. Halloween was something of a bust for my house, with only two groups of little tykes coming by, with parents on the sidewalk watching while the little ones came to the door. Two groups. I had quite a bit of leftover candy, so I walked a few doors down the street and made a donation of leftover candy to a family with teenagers who have the metabolism to eat it.

Today I was out back with the various animals enjoying the weather. Annie the Labradoodle was on guard duty. I’m not sure what she was eyeing, but I didn’t see anything when I looked over where she seemed to be looking. That doesn’t surprise me, as Annie’s demonstrated keen hearing and eyesight repeatedly. After all, at my age my hearing and eyesight are crap.

Annie is seven this year. As she gets older she seems to be taking on the mantle of protector of the house. She barks at people who come to the door before they ring the doorbell. I guess she can hear them walking on the sidewalks. She’s sweet like her older sister Ruby. She still has some puppy in her, and tries to play with the cats, who have learned that she’s not being aggressive, but who still scatter when she comes bounding up.

I’m still using the iPhone 11. I’m wondering if I should sell my Olympus gear…