dreamboat annie

Annie with her heart on her brisket
Annie, a.k.a. Dreamboat Annie, was born six years ago on Valentines Day. I felt it appropriate to incorporate Annie’s heart-shaped marking on her brisket into her official name. But try as I might, all my names felt a bit silly. It then struck me that the rock group Heart’s debut studio album was “Dreamboat Annie,” so that’s what we named our Annie.

As this summer has warmed, my wife and I have started to do more exercising in the world’s smallest swimming pool. Out pool isn’t for swimming, it’s for water exercising, where the water provides resistance while we exercise. It turns out to be a good way to stay in shape, especially for my wife, who has systemic arthritis and major back problems.

While I’m in the pool I have one of my cameras near at hand on the edge, not too close to keep it from falling in, but close enough that I can grab it for any opportunities that might present themselves. Annie loves to sit on her pad as if it’s her special sofa. It took the patience of waiting for just the right moment to make this photo of her sitting so nicely.

Annie Profile
And a sweet portrait view.

Camera was the Pen F, lens was the m.Zuiko 1.8/45mm at f/2.

morning has broken

Bo — What’s happening up there?

This morning was very unusual weather-wise. We woke up to a local temperature of 59°F. For a lot of you around the northern climes, that’s probably hot to you. But for those of us Down South, a low 59°F in the morning at the end of April in central Florida is unusual enough to write about it. This same time last week the morning lows were a good 10 to 15 degrees higher, and a lot muggier. I’m certainly not one to complain as it has been a wonderful morning to just open up the house to the outside for a bit. Of course, it’s cool enough that Bo and Luke want to fluff up in their turkey positions to stay warm.

Bo — What is that up there?

Bo seemed to be entranced with something outside the screened in area. So I went out to look around and found this:

Yep, that’s a jet contrail. I haven’t spotted one in weeks. And I didn’t hear the jet that produced it when it went over, so I’m assuming it was at a fairly high altitude. Whether Bo heard it and was watching it, I’ll never be completely sure. But I would never have spotted it unless he was looking up intently at that moment in time.

Luke — What’s for breakfast?

Luke was at his Breakfast Cat station on the edge of the kitchen sink. That’s the spot he knows where he can sit and watch everything without getting in my way, and pushed back onto the floor where cats should be. But this is Luke, who’s a Ginger, with a gentle Ginger ‘tude.

Annie the Living Muppet

What would our household be without our Doodle? Annie is now a big five, and has come into her own. She’s calmed quite a bit, but she still likes to jump up and walk around on her hind legs with her forepaws out batting at me and the air in front of her. It’s the circus Poodle part that wants to perform, I’m sure of it. And all that Poodle-derived curly hair. Our living Muppet.

Time to clean up and let the girls lick the breakfast plates clean. Eggs over easy as usual, and they love to lick up any leftover yolk. And then more of today’s happenings.