acl digest – 16 september 2018

Dreamboat Annie – Because she’s a Labradoodle she’s completely covered in a riot of curls, all in of a mix of many colors and shades. She was mostly black with the heart-shaped mark on her brisket when she was a pup (hence the name, Heart’s Dreamboat Annie), but after three years her coloring has become heavily tinged with white, silver and ginger. To be honest I like this coloration because it gives considerable definition to her overall shape. This is her sphinx position she likes to take while on guard and watching everything and everybody.

White Bougainvillea – One of a number of potted plants inside the screened in area around the pool. This year quite a few of my potted plants have done much better, if not the best, they’ve every done over the last 10 years. I’m charmed by this white bougainvillea because of the off-white color of the petals tinged with an occasional light pink on the tips. I have a solid pink sitting next to it, which is not yet blooming. This is the second time this year the white has bloomed.

Camera Work Flow – These images were taken with the Panasonic GH4 and the Panasonic Lumix 30mm f/2.8 macro with the older MEGA O.I.S. in-lens image stabilization. The GH4 doesn’t have any sensor image stabilization. I’m using my iPhone with Panasonic’s app to transfer images off the GH4 onto the phone. From there I do a little post processing with Snapseed (some cropping, very little exposure tweaking and only if needed). I then push those results to Instagram and to my WordPress media collection via the WordPress app. When I write on WordPress using the media, I still prefer to do it on Chrome using the WP-Admin editor.

This might sound a bit complicated, but trust me, it beats pulling the SDXC card out of the camera body and inserting it into the Macbook Pro’s SDXC adapter, then using Lightroom to pull the files from the card. Then, from there, using Lightroom and my various plugins to work the RAW file. Now, if I want to move files off the camera that way, I only do it to essentially backup my images. I might, on very rare occasions, still use Lightroom, but even that is getting less and less. I’m looking at other possible applications on macOS to do what I’ve done with Lightroom. I just can’t get involved with Adobe any more. I’m working out my own work flows that suite me, and it appears to be centered more and more around my iPhone. It really is a lot easier and a lot faster, and I have enough storage on my iPhone these days to keep quite a bit of still and video work. And if I don’t, where, there’s the growing possibility of paying Apple $9.99/month for 2TB of cloud storage that will then allow me to work with all my stills and videos across all my devices.

end of the day, and end of a personal era

I’m still dealing with Ellipses’ final exit, but as I was sitting and talking with my wife, she noticed the beautiful sunset just outside our back door. In a metaphorical sense it is a fitting reminder that ends are not all dark, but like a beautiful sunset, herald the end of one day and the start of the next. It seems fitting that this is a fine way to think of Ellipse leaving us. She has left us a rich history of mutual memories, and plenty of photos I’ve taken over the years of her and all the other creatures who’ve lived with us. Those that are still with us are moving around the house as they are wont to do. The girls still come up to ask for rubs and to remind me when it’s time to be fed or to go out for their walks. The boys come up for their rubs and to remind me when they need to be fed.

Ruby just turned 10, and with a lifespan in our house of around 15 years, that means five more years of spending my life with Ruby. When it’s her time to leave I’ll deal with it accordingly. Now’s the time to make sure I gather enough photos and memories of her while she’s still with us, still hale and hearty. Annie, her constant companion, turned 3 this past St. Valentine’s Day. If the Lab lifespan is any indication she’s here for quite a long time. And the boys will turn three in early October. Again, if Ellipses’ life span is any indication, they’ll be around for quite a long time as well.

It has taken me at least a decade to be taught by Ellipse, Lulu, and Lucy how to live with cats. They’ve all taught me well, and the Gingersnaps and I benefit from the training. I look forward to many more good times with the four footers.