my sanctuary

Garden Doodle

My home and my garden are my sanctuary. In this age where there is so much anger being stoked and vented against so many, I need this sanctuary and this garden to cultivate peace and tranquility, and dare I say it, a little love towards the most vulnerable among us, our pets.

This is Annie, the Labradoodle. She gives love unconditionally and as often as possible, which for a dog is to say nearly all the time. She only stops when she’s sleeping, and even then she will cuddle up close while she sleeps.

I have the other three, Ruby the Yellow Lab, and Bo and Luke the Gingers. They all live together in peace and help to foster a peaceful environment.

Here’s one of my wife’s roses, a red we picked up on sale at the local Costco. It grows next to the yellow rose I’ve written about earlier. These flowers add to the calmness of this sanctuary in my back yard.

Red Rose 1

monday morning minutes


After living with us now for over three years, the Gingers have long learned about, and inserted themselves into, the many rituals around the house. For example, every morning I fix some sort of breakfast, Luke will leap up onto the counter and sit in front of the microwave while I work further down over the stove. He’s always hopeful something interesting might fall to the floor. Most mornings nothing does, but every once in a while something does, and he immediately checks it out and eats it if he deems it worthy. He has a bit appetite for cheese and the occasional bit of cooked egg, and he loves to clean off the tip of my knife after I use it to spread salmon cream cheese on my toasted bagels.

This morning I had to take both of the girls over to see the vet and get their flu shots. Taking them anywhere together is challenging, the vet even more so. I was fortunate this morning that there were no other patients in the vet’s office when we were there, but still. The girls love their car rides over to the vets, where they’re made a fuss over. As usual Ruby the yellow gained a pound. Annie surprised me by losing a pound, so I guess Annie gave her’s to Ruby. Otherwise they’re both totally healthy little characters.

Annie’s tongue
A more dignified Ruby