ios 14 no longer sucks quite as bad, at least for me

As if by magic the App Store started to behave properly. This was after I had installed Night Sky, TikTok, WeChat, and Brave. Night Sky was the initial test to see if installing an app on my iPad would also install it on my iPhone, if the iPhone was properly set up, with my App Store as screwed up as it was (see prior post for that drama, ). I installed TikTok and WeChat because Trump. And I installed Brave because it’s supposed to be less evil than Google Chrome. Except when I fired up Brave and started to load a few tabs, ads appeared as background to some of the tabs. Yeah, Brave is less evil.

Could it be the “side loading” of apps that “fixed” what was wrong with the iPhone’s App Store app? I have no clue, except it sounds reasonable. In any event what I wrote in the prior post to this still stands. The original error still sucks and it should have never worked the way it did. That fact it seems fixed, as if my magic, just makes me mistrust iOS even more. Just don’t expect me to go running to Android. That ain’t happening.

more good flutter news (at least, for me)

Even more good news. I’ve gotten the tutorial to operate in an Android emulator on my Mac. After all the updates, including an update to the Android emulator, I was able to launch the emulator as a Pixel 2 XL running Android 7.1 (API 25). Interestingly enough I couldn’t configure an emulator using any of the Pixel 3 smartphone’s; there were none in the AVD manager. The Apple emulator, by contrast, has the latest iPhone XS and XR variants. But at least it works and validates Flutter’s claim that the same application developed in Flutter will run on both iOS and Android.

One quirk getting this to run. When I opened the tutorial back up, VS Code flagged the import of english_words.dart package. I had to re-run ‘flutter packages get’ in the tutorial folder and then restart VS Code. After that it was satisfied.