happy birthday annie

Birthday Annie
Annie in the sunset

Dreamboat Annie turned eight today. I can’t believe eight years have flown by with Annie, but here we are. She’s still the wild energetic puppy we brought home all those years ago. She’s the house alarm, barking at package deliveries as they walk up the drive to our front door, because she recognizes the vehicle engine, and I quite believe she hears them walking on the sidewalk up to the front door. It’s a lot of fun celebrating her birthday on Valentines Day as well. For her birthday we took her and her sister, Ruby, out on a ride in the Acura. Her mom and dad had to run a few errands into Orlando, so they both sat in the middle seats in their special seat covers and watched the world go by as we drove and went about our errands.

Annie has such a sweet innocent look to her face. Ruby does as well, but Annie’s look is distinctive. I’ve always raised Labs, but never Doodles. Annie has been a learning experience, in a good way.

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