bush league republican’ts

What is terrifying about the current Republican’t attempt to select a House Speaker from within their ranks is what the House will turn into after they finally select a Speaker. And they will. Eventually.

They’ll get there because Kevin McCarthy, who doesn’t have any backbone, will make outrageous concessions to the crazies apposing him in the Republican’t House caucus. God help this nation when the Republican’ts get through this because the inmates will indeed be in charge of the mad House.

The only good to come out of this process, if you want to call it good, is that perhaps even more will pull away from Trump, and perhaps, even Trumpism. But I’m not counting on it.

As of 2:20 pm there’s been a seventh vote for Speaker, and McCarthy has lost again.


As of 7 pm McCarthy’s failed ten ballots, and moving on to an eleventh.

Update #2

As of 8 pm McCarthy’s failed eleven ballots. Damn, son, give it up already!