delicious maga tears

Delicious Maga Tears

I purchased six of these back in 2018 when Democrats swept the House and the Senate. I purchased them from a British site called News Hump ( ). I then shared them with folks who share my opinion of Magaga folk. Every major election I pull one out and fill it with bottled water and raise a toast to Donald Drump. The 2022 election was a bit mixed, what with having to loose control of the House, and the rout that DeSantis had down here in Florida (re-elected with 19 points ahead of his opponent), but there was so much goodness elsewhere in this country, especially in Pennsylvanian and Arizona. In fact I hope that Kari Lake exercises her right to contest the Arizona gubernatorial election, thus putting a curse on Republican chances in the Georgia runoff election the same way that Trump did back in 2020.

Gotta love them delicious magaga tears!