the good news about democracy, and the work ahead to keep it

I woke up Sunday morning to the excellent news that the Democratic Party, the party of Democracy, retains control of the Senate. It still remains to be seen if democratic control of the House will be maintained. If the Republicans do take control, it will be by the slimmest of margins.

If the Republicans do take control and if the House Republicans attempt to promulgate any legislative mischief, such as MTG’s threat to send articles of impeachment against Biden to the Senate, they’ll get slapped down every time.

I know Putin tried to interfere again in our elections so that he could help get Republicans into power, so that those Republicans would shut down aid to Ukraine, but that looks like it won’t happen, or it will be a lot more difficult. Fuck Putin and his illegal and immoral war against Ukraine.

What stopped the Republicans dead in their tracks, particularly the MAGA Republicans, were the overwhelming women and youth voters that came out in record numbers for the 2022 mid-terms and voted Democratic. I’m particularly happy to see the youth vote this way. The baby boomer generation (my generation, unfortunately) have become corrupted by the MAGA Republicans, as well as many of their immediate children.

If you don’t believe that the baby boomers are a threat to democracy you only have to look at Florida and the vast herds of retirees, such as in The Villages. They weren’t born here, didn’t grow up here or work here, yet they’ve come down to Florida to retire, and in the process they’ve skewed Florida politics towards far right and fascistic government, especially at the state level with DeSantis.

We need to run the yankee carpetbaggers out, and then work to remove our local corrupt politicians all the way up to the state house. Only then will Florida swing back towards the center and political normalcy.

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  1. An on Tuesday Traitor Trump will announce his plan to become Putin’s puppet dictator again, so yes you have a lot of work to do. Until the Republicans lose every office in every state your democracy is in serious danger.

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