i voted early

We had our ballots mailed to us. We filled them out this weekend, then we dropped them off at an early voting location in Orange County on Monday, the first day of early voting. We didn’t want to wait this time.

We voted all Blue. For the Florida supreme court justices, we voted to have them all replaced. That was because they backed up the gross gerrymandering of the voting districts. Finally, we voted ‘Yes’ for rent control. We’ve been hit with paper junk mail from the “Realtors Issues Mobilization Committee” to vote ‘No’ with all sorts of dire and scary consequuences if we vote ‘Yes’. We’ve already seen what happens when rents go so high that people are driven out into the street to live homeless. Increasing rent pressures are everywhere, not just here in Orlando but all over the state, and other locations we know about.

The first few days of turnout has already broken records here in Orange and pretty much across Florida. Now we just have to wait and see how this all shakes out.