the latest apple iphone 14 faux pa

So today’s technological faux pa comes curtesy of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max camera. The “major bug” when TikTok, Twitter or Instagram uses the back camera. The camera’s image stabilization motor vibrates so loudly it sounds almost like it’ll chew its way out of the iPhone case. The Guardian has a detailed article with quoted tweets showing this bug in action ( ). It’s said that Apple’s camera app doesn’t have this problem, but that’s minute comfort to those iPhone users trying to use it seamlessly with one of the aforementioned apps. What’s worse, Apple advises not to allow the raucous vibrations to continue for too long or else the camera will become heavily damaged. So tell me again how you feel about spending that much money to be one of the first to own this symbol of technological excellence?

I wait with bated breath for Apple’s usual transparent explanation and fix.


Ars Technica has published an article in which Apple admits to the problem. Quote: “Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple has acknowledged the issue and plans to release a fix next week.”