early morning lightshow

I walk my two big girls, Ruby and Annie, twice per day, once right before sunrise and again right after sunset. This gives all three of us plenty of exercise and allows us to avoid the heat of the day. It’s also a good way to at least get in one walk, as the summertime days in Florida are punctuated with afternoon and evening thundershowers.

This morning was a little different. On the leg of the walk heading back home I spotted the launch trail of ULA’s Atlas V catching the rising sun. I wasn’t expecting this launch, but then, I’ve fallen away from tracking launches like I used to. I suppose it’s my old age. I’m too old now and too poor to even think about getting involved in the industry as either an employee or even entertaining the thought of riding on one, such as a SpaceX Crew Dragon.

I guess the meek shall indeed inherit the earth, while the billionaires and trillionaires head into space.