linux mint 21 report

It’s day three since I switched to Linux Mint 21. Overall the experience has been great. I have come across two problems, one rather significant and one a cosmetic annoyance.

The first problem is watching YouTube videos in Vivaldi (5.3.2679.70 (Stable channel)). The video portion plays fine, but the audio is silent. I’ve look everywhere within Vivaldi to see if there’s a switch or setting that controls audio, but I’ve discovered nothing. In testing I find that Firefox plays video with audio as does Google Chrome. I’ve also played back Quicktime MOV files in Celluloid, such as “Tears of Steel” from Blender Studio, and the audio is present there as well. The audio playback in other software works equally well. My audio reasonably up to date as I’m using a EcoXGear Bluetooth speaker (I have enough wires lying around). That entire software chain works just lovely. The workaround for YouTube audio is to use another browser, such as either the aforementioned Firefox or Google Chrome. Firefox comes with Linux Mint, and Google Chrome was installed to satisfy one of Google Flutter’s requirements. Why am I trolling through YouTube? Turns out there’s some videos about programming, with some actual useful information.

The second minor problem is with Powerline and rendering certain characters. I have it installed for vi/vim on Linux Mint. Under Fedora 36 the left and right arrows at the end of the status line is properly rendered. Under Linux Mint, they’re not. The colors are correct, it’s just those specific characters. That’s a cosmetic problem, and I’m pretty much ignoring it. But still…

Otherwise not much else to report.

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