let twitter die — please!

So Elon Musk has decided to back out of a US$44 billion bid for Twitter, the MySpace of the 2020s. I am no fan of the Muskrat, especially in this instance. He went charging in like he really knew what he was dealing with in regards to Twitter. It turns out he never did, and he never will.

Twitter is long past redemption, having become a cesspool of toxic trolling and millions of bots, in spite of what Twitter leadership has said in the past, and continues to say. I find their assertion that they delete a million fake accounts per day on the platform as eye wateringly unbelievable. One million per day. Left unsaid is how many actually get through. No, I don’t believe that it’s only 5%.

While I still have a very small Twitter account, I’ve stopped checking on a regular basis (regular being once/week or so for me) because Twitter decided to send me a notification every time any of the accounts I followed sent out a tweet. I got flooded with those damn notifications. I tried in vain to slow it down with checking not interested, not interested… But it seemed to do no good. Now it looks like I’m no longer getting those notifications, which means that either the “training” finally worked, or somebody finally said turn off that feature. Another feature that drove me up the wall was when they wanted to become more Facebook-like by having the stories in my feed show up based on how popular they were, not in chronological order. Yes, I could set it back to chronological if I looked for the tiny little stars on the right corner of my feed (so logical!), except that when I went back it was reset to most popular. After a period of time it looked like it finally stuck to chronological.

Both of those changes were meant to “enhance engagement,” which was a way to try to hook you ever deeper into Twitter. There were other changes such as having suggestions of who else to follow pop up in my timeline. No thanks, those suggestions are based not on relevance so much as how controversial, which is just another way to stir up the masses. Every time one of those pops up I always click “not interested.” If I want to follow someone on Twitter I’ll go find them myself.

So let Twitter die. It absolutely should. As for the Muskrat, let him take the absolute maximum monetary hit legally possible. He also needs to eat as much crow as possible. Let his failure to follow through purchasing Twitter be an absolute feast of Twitter crow.

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  1. Social media sites in general are very, very bad at understanding categorization and determining interests. That is why their so-called ‘targeted’ advertising is a waste of money; they simply throw everything at users – and see what sticks. I tried analyzing Youtube’s music suggestions, which it claims to ‘retune’ every time you reject one, and determined that their sole criterion is “likes music” and they define music as everything from Agricola to ZZ Top. It’s all pretty much the exact opposite of the “specifically tailored to your tastes” claims made.

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