climate change note book — what next?

I’ve decided not to write daily entries in my climate change note book. It became too depressing for me to document, especially with stories flooding in about the impact of climate change and global warming here in the US as well as around the world. I stopped on Sunday, Juneteenth/Flather’s Day, just to have a day off from writing and to celebrate, in my own small way, Juneteenth. I am no fan of Father’s Day which is nothing more than a cynical appeal to our sentimentality by major corporations and for those corporations to grab ever more cash out of our wallets.

When I tried to add another entry to my climate change note book on the following Monday I just could not do it. Nor can I do it today. What I’ll probably do is add an entry once/week, like my Caturday and Friday Funnies entries. Maybe a Sunday entry.

Besides the problems with global warming there’s Russia’s unlawful ongoing war in Ukraine, and Russia’s threats against those who oppose that unlawful war. If Europe thinks they can ignore or appease Russia, meaning Putin, then they’re out of their pea pickin’ minds.

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  1. The problem with Putin, Lawrow, and the likes is that even if someone made up a way to get rid of them – and this would have to come from inside Russia of course – it would probably not be the end of sick and silly ideas and ideals. Same as the far right here in Germany, there are simply people who are seriously disturbed, to say the least. And if they have power like Putin, then they’re dangerous. That guy can (and probably will) kill the planet if we let him do that…

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