climate change note book — day 1

We are now experiencing full-on the consequences of our self-induced climate change/global warming. I’ve been living in Florida since 1984, and even though Florida is supposed to be hot, especially in the summer, after 38 years I can tell a difference from when I first arrived in Orlando to what it’s like today in Orlando. These posts will consist of observations and some weather related measurements. This is the first of what I hope are daily posts, which means I’ll post at least once/day, probably two or more.

Early Crape Myrtle

My yard has quite a few crape myrtles growing in it. This large cluster is in my front yard. This year we’ve been blessed with a large blossoming across all of them, even more so than most years. I’ve also noticed that they might have started earlier this year, perhaps the first of May. Regular blooming season starts mid-May and continues for the next 90 or so days. I’ll be keeping an eye on these and all the others.

Today’s weather:

  • Morning low at 5:30 am was 83° F
  • Afternoon high at 5:00 pm was 98° F in the shade
  • Humidity is 41%
  • No rain
  • Cloudy conditions
  • The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory