march for our lives redux — more pointless posturing

In 2018 there were a series of marches in major cities against the senseless shooting that had taken place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in south Florida. I was at the march that day, starting at Lake Eola and moving down to the Dr. Phillips Art Center across from Orlando city hall. I was there with my cameras to record a bit of that history.

I bring this up because there is supposed to be another march today starting at Lake Eola. I did not go down today. My reasons for not participating are varied, the biggest being what good will it do? It did no good the year it happened; here we are four years later, and you want to march again? Such is the definition of insanity. Marches don’t do shit unless they’re kept up year after year. We need to do more; we need to be consistent. In case you want to see what I saw back in 2018, here are a few of the photos from that day.

And we had our few counter-protesters, the assholes who were there to “protect” the Second Amendment and their precious right to bear arms. Of course, they came with their shitty “come and take my gun” from me attitude instead of trying to actually reason and convince people their view towards the right to bear arms was correct. Their behavior that day was the perfect argument why people like that should never be allowed to own guns.

It’s a good four years later. A lot more guns have been sold in those four years. Many of the gun owners are ever more radicalized.