first caturday of june

Zoë Sewing Cat

Luke is no longer the only sewing room cat. Little Zoë has learned how much fun it is to explore in mom’s sewing room. While Luke would pick one of the chairs and snuggle down to nap, Zoë roams everywhere, looking for the best spots to settle down. Such as this spot right on top of a very soft piece of material mom is trying to lay a pattern out on. It’s soft and comfortable for a cat to lie upon, which Zoë is certainly doing.

Nicholas Bearskin Pose

Nicholas is still growing. June marks his eleventh month of life, ninth living with us. We’ll celebrate his first birthday on the Forth of July, and pretend all the fireworks are for him. You can see how much he’s grown because he now fills out the sunshine bed, spilling out over the edges. I have yet to weigh him, but I suspect he’s right behind both Beau and Luke weight-wise.

Beau Wrestling Nicholas

Here we have Beau holding Nicholas in a head lock. The cats like to wrestle one another, until one of two things happens: either the cats break and run away, or the cat with the headlock starts to groom the other cat. Grooming is what is happening here. I caught this between grooming sessions because it looks so funny, especially with the look on Beau’s face and Nicholas’ ears flat against his head.

Life with cats, lots of cats, is always interesting.