memorial caturday

Luke the Alpa
Luke and his patented over-the-shoulder look

This has been a bad week for me, primarily because of what happened in Uvalde, Texas. I’ve been wanting to write something about the event, but it’s tough. It will come out, perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time I offer these three photos of two of the kindest and sweetest creatures on God’s green earth to help counter the horror of 24 May.

The opportunities for these photos just happened to present themselves at the same time. The late afternoon light coming into the kitchen seemed to add a special magic to everything.

Beau under the table
Beau likes to sit under the kitchen table close to Luke
Luke in Deep Contemplation
Luke contemplating if he should go get more Temptations or another can of his food

All the photos are JPEGs straight out of an original OM-D EM-5 using an m.Zuiko 1.8/45mm at f/2. The whole package was, and still is, a compact, quiet, and capable little photography package. Not bad for a camera announced in February 2012 and given a gold award by DPReview that April.