1,000 posts and counting

I got a little alert from WordPress, the folks who manage my blog, that I’d just posted at least 1,000 entries on my blog. Yeah me! Except, except, it took me over eight years to get here. My first blog post was on 23 December 2013, after I’d come back from a business trip to Chitose, Japan. I’d spend nearly three weeks in travel round trip and staying there in support of a computer-generated training exercise. When I finally got back home here in Orlando I spent the following week decompressing and catching up with life before I wrote my first entry in this blog. And then I spent all that time up to this point writing just 999 more blog posts.

This month is the most prolific month I’ve ever had with writing entries. This entry, trite as it is, is my 40th for May 2022. If I’d been writing 40 posts/month over the last eight years, then I’d have nearly four times as many posts at this point in time. And even though this is my 40th for May, May’s not done yet and neither am I. I’ve got a lot more writing ideas running around in the back of my mind, and I mean to let them all come lumbering forth, every last one.

So I’m glad I finally made it to 1,000 posts. It took me long enough. Here’s to the next 1,000, and the next 1,000 after that, and so on and so forth.