they paved paradise and put up a fake cellular tree tower

That big fake artificial Christmas tree

My wife and I drove to Jacksonville on Sunday to check on family. On the way up we saw this huge structure near the Costco on west 295. On the way back down that same section of expressway we stopped to fill up with gas at that same Costco. As I drove out to finally head back to Orlando I stopped briefly and grabbed a few “snaps” of this structure. It is indeed a cellular tower, decked out with some of the biggest artificial Christmas tree limbs I’ve ever seen. Somebody must have thought that was a good idea. I don’t know why as the area around the tower is expressway and businesses, in this instance an emergency care center. I guess somebody thought an unadorned cellular tower would upset the critically ill patients coming into the emergency care center.

I mean, it looks like they ran out of money for fake tree limbs and stopped about a third of the way down from the top.

Closeup of the top showing the individual cellular antennas, and all those fake tree limbs