sunday sillies

While Caturdays are fun to write, the fun never stops with the critters. They’re always doing something. For example…

Ruby’s Flying Ear Trick

Labrador Retrievers have floppy ears. And yet, Ruby can strike a pose while resting where her ears will fall back and remain straight. I didn’t sneak up and prop her ear that way, she just seems to be able to lay her head in such a way that the ear will lie like that.

Danï And Her 14 Toebeans

Danï loves to nap next to Ruby and stretch out her forepaws. Here she shows just how many toe beans she has on each fore paw; seven on each paw, two of which make up a “thumb.”

Luke Safe In His Carrier

Luke has decided the carrier we use to transport them to the vets is his personal cave. Many is the night I will spot him in “his” carrier, alone and content. Nicholas likes to do the same, and even leaves one of his toys inside to keep him company.

Are You Lookin’ At Me?

When Danï isn’t busy napping she loves to hold court on the kitchen table, giving out gobs of Ginger attitude. The way she looks I can almost hear her thinking “You looking at me?! I’m the only one here!” in Di Nero’s voice of course.