in praise of chewy

I have been ordering my pet supplies (food) from Chewy ( ) for a while now, prompted by the pandemic lock down last year as well as hearing good things from other pet owners I know who order pet supplies from Chewy. For a while I had a hard time being consistent as I usually ordered nearly everything online from Amazon out of habit. When I did order my supplies from Chewy they would sometimes take a while to reach me.

Then Amazon started to have a hard time getting the pet products I needed with other third-party sellers simultaneously starting to jack up the prices of pet supplies way beyond what they would normally cost; they started to gouge big time. This was the very same problem that happened with personal protective equipment, such as masks and hand cleaner, during the early months of 2020. It was outrageous behavior then, and even more so when pet supplies became the target of the gougers. That’s when I really started to look at alternative pet supply sellers including Chewy.

It turns out Chewy may have had a hard time getting supplies, but when certain items weren’t available they said so clearly, and when they came back in they sold them for the regular price until they ran out again. I know, I went through some of that. That honest behavior cemented me as a repeat Chewy customer.

Lately my Chewy experiences have gotten even better. Since the first of this year my Chewy orders have been arriving in a very short period of time. Chewy always seems to tell me two to four business days, which I find quite reasonable. I make sure to place my orders either Sunday or Monday so that they get to me no later than the following Thursday. But something positive is happening at Chewy’s shipping, because the orders are coming in two days, or even less. Yesterday I put in an order, and the order arrived today. My other orders have taken no longer than two days, which equals Amazon, of not beats them. But today’s order delivery was absolutely outstanding.

It just seems like buying from Chewy for all my little guys and gals is getting better and better. If you don’t buy pet supplies from Chewy’s already, I think you should give them a try.

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  1. I use chewy as well (along with Amazon’s subscribe and save). That’s how I get Bailey’s prescription food on auto ship. You get a small discount and I’ve been able to get it dependably when others have had supply chain issues stocking it. Not to mention they send birthday cards for both Bailey and Wilbur. 😃

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