sister cats in the sewing room

Top Cats #2

I’ve written before of my wife’s sewing room in the back of our house. It is surrounded on three sides with lots of windows that look onto our back yard. She loves to sew because of the view and the outside light that is let in, and because it’s a complex task that engages her creativity and exercises her mind. The result is quality clothing that fits and is comfortable for her to wear. I’ve also written in the past about Luke, the Sewing Room Cat, who always visits when my wife is out in the sewing room. Luke isn’t the only feline visitor.

The other cats like to stroll through, usually to find a spot next to any of the many windows and watch the birds and squirrels running around our back yard. The sewing room’s just another part of their indoor playground, as Zoë (top) and Danï (bottom) show. The girls in particular love to climb around and snuggle down into cozy corners to watch all around the room as well as outside into the back yard. I couldn’t see what they were transfixed by when I was photographing them, but it must have been awfully important for a cat.