another little local business dies

Until recently this used to be a Brother Jimmy’s BBQ franchise store. This location is The Marketplace on the corner of Sand Lake Road and Dr. Phillip’s Blvd. It’s the third small business to come here and eventually die. The first was a Wich Wich sandwich stop, which lasted some number of years. I used to stop in and order sandwiches for my wife and I. It was a pretty nice place, and unique in how you ordered your sandwich/sub. You picked out the wrapper for you sandwich, and then checked boxes next to all the ingredients you wanted, then handed that over to the store staff who built you sandwich. I liked that process because I could pick out exactly what I wanted and know they would get it right. Wich Wich went out of business, followed by a Korean hamburger place, which didn’t last very long. Then came Jimmy’s.

I went to Jimmy’s once, back in 2021, for a supper meal pickup. It was the first and last time. The meal was expensive, the portions smaller than we anticipated, especially for what we paid, and the meal was greasy and not all that flavorful. We never went back. Based on my experience I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

This is a small section of The Marketplace, with three stores. On the left is a Chipotle that’s been there since it opened, and where my wife and I go when we are coming back from a morning doctor’s visit from downtown. To the right is the largest store by volume, which started out as a World of Beer bar, and is now yet another Korean BBQ place (yes, for a brief time, there were two BBQ stores side-by-side).

A lot of businesses have come into The Marketplace over the last 30 years, both big and small. Such is business in America, I suppose.

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