valentine’s caturday

Momma Joan’s Curious Look
The eyes of Joan are upon you.

This coming Monday, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day. Instead of a card or diabetes-inducing sugared candies, here’s some sweet (sugar-free) cats for a Caturday before Valentines. I also feel it’s better to contemplate the cats rather than if Russia is going to invade the Ukraine next week. Or how many unvaccinated are going to die from COVID-19.

Nick Study 2
Napping Nick


Luke Peering Out
Peering Luke


Dilute Tortie on Green Table
Steely eyed Zoë

Up next: A certain Doodle’s birthday.

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    • Thank you very much. If you’re curious about specifics you can always click the photo, which will take you to where I have them on Flickr, and on Flickr you can check the info button to read about the camera, lens, shutter speed, f/stop, and other statistics about the image. But to summarize, everything here was taken with the E-M1.2 and the mZuiko 1.8/75mm lens.

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