it’s a mostly ginger caturday

Luke loves to lie in the topmost crows nest in the cat tree and watch the rest of the cats roam around the house. Then when he sees an opportunity to raise a little ruckus he leaps down and heads out. And when I say leap down, he drops effortlessly a good six feet and doesn’t miss a beat.

And then there’s his litter brother Beau, who loves to roll around asking for attention and scritches around his ears. A lot of times he likes to be held, until he decides he’s had enough, then it’s down and off to explore something else.

Finally there’s sweet, coy Danï. She and her litter sister love to nap on the big bed with the soft fiber cover. They both nap next to each other. In this case her sister decided to go see if she was missing anything.

Everything taken with the Olympus E-M1.2 and M.Zuiko 1.8/75mm.

2 thoughts on “it’s a mostly ginger caturday

  1. Adorable :) But you’re putting me into gas mode with the mentioning of that lens, since mine was stolen… naah, I think I’m just staying with the 45mm/1.8 for now…

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