vivaldi 5 is replacing firefox 96 on pop!_os 21.10

Today I downloaded and installed the Vivaldi 5 web browser ( ) on Pop!_OS 21.10. For this post’s illustration I’ve got Vivaldi up and running on the Pop!_OS desktop in front of the stock Firefox web browser that installs with just about every Linux distribution, including Pop!_OS. I have written how much I like Vivaldi in the past on Windows 10 and macOS. I’m very happy that there’s a Linux version as well. One major reason I’m going to be using Vivaldi over Firefox is shown below.

It’s those Firefox 96 tab’s. I’ve really tried to get used to the way tabs are rendered as buttons on Firefox, and I can’t. I won’t say that Firefox’s implementation is the worst I’ve seen; that honor belongs to Apple’s horrible attempt on Safari 15. But at least Apple, at the last moment before the official release, programmed in an ability in Safari’s configuration settings to turn off the buttons and render tabs as part of the page they belong to (and that still didn’t stop me from switching to Vivaldi on macOS). If Firefox had had a similar capability then I wouldn’t be writing this post, let alone running Vivaldi. But Firefox didn’t, so here we are.