caturday — the aftermath of a harsh lesson about cats

Coy Joan Jett

Joan Jett, smallest of the six, shy, sweet, loves to roll around in front of you, her way of asking for gentle scritches around her ears. Until last Monday when I tried to put her in her carrier for a trip to the vet for her annual checkup. Then all hell broke loose (what my wife refers to as mini Florida panther mode).

In the process of trying to escape from my grasp she whipped that small sweet head of hers around and ripped through the skin of my fore finger on my right hand with one of her upper canines. You bet I turned her loose.

I washed the wounds out with hydrogen peroxide, spread Neosporin ointment on them, and then put the bandages on them. This is about an hour after the wounding. You’ll note the beginnings of swelling on my index finger knuckle, on the hand. I tried to go to a local clinic to have it taken care of, but wait times were seven hours due to everybody in the area running in to get checked for COVID.

On Tuesday the swelling was much worse and had spread across my right hand and to my wrist. I wasn’t feeling too well either. My hand looked like one of those latex gloves that had been blown up like a balloon, and it was turning a livid pink. My doctor couldn’t see me, so she stressed I try another clinic or else an emergency room. I drove down to a local CentraCare, only to be met with a long line of people waiting for COVID testing. I stood outside anyway hoping to get in an talk to one of the staff. One came out in short order and told us the COVID testing slots were already filled. I explained I wasn’t there for testing and showed her my hand. She immediately sent me in and in short order I was given a shot of penicillin in my butt and a prescription for ten days of amoxicillin, two doses/day. As of today I’m on day five and the swelling across the hand is completely gone. The wounds are nearly healed, although the finger still has some swelling. I can hold things, but I can’t make a fist.

Joan still needs to see the vet, and I plan to take her in after I fully heal. To support this next effort I’m ordering a pair of 22″ Kevlar reinforced gloves. Because I was trying this bare-handed, and Joan was freaking out, I started to freak out as well and not think to clearly. I could have, and should have, let Joan go immediately, but I didn’t and paid the price. Next time I will be prepared, fast, and efficient.

4 thoughts on “caturday — the aftermath of a harsh lesson about cats

  1. Reminds me of Wilma, the smaller neighbours’ cat who love to roll around as well. And once she grabs your hand and gets hold of it, you’d better not pull back…
    Get better soon Bill :)

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  2. We found wrapping ours in a heavier old towel worked very well. You can constrain as much as you need to. Of course, the vet always had to sedate him when we got there, but not much we could do about that.

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