caturday — nick turns 5 months old


Nick continues to grow like a little ginger weed. He’s certainly grown used to living with the other five cats in the clowder. As a little guy he loves to play with his cat toys, which are a selection of fake mice and plastic springs. He’ll carry them around in his mouth, climb up onto the top of the cat tree, then let them fall down and bounce all over the floor. He then flies down off the tree and chases them across the floor. He’s got the other cats doing the same thing with him, and they play together. When he’s not busy playing with his toys he’s running through the house, either chasing the other cats or being chased.

He’s injected a lot of energy into the group, and they all seem to really like playing with Nick.

One thought on “caturday — nick turns 5 months old

  1. He’s the cat with the permanent wink. :)
    I wish all our cats got along so well, but Squeak still takes every opportunity to try and kill the new kitty Puss-puss. Why that one (and only that one) is so mean to the new arrival I don’t know. The other two are fine with her, as are the dogs.


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