nick is four months old

He looks calm, doesn’t he? Looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re a whirling dervish of a male kitten. The photo looks almost calm, until you zoom into Nick’s head, and note the slight movement blur. He’s old enough these days that he’s being let out most of the day to mix with the rest of the clowder. He’s constantly on the move, running everywhere, and tackling all the other cats to play with them. Or at least that’s what he thinks he’s doing. Every once and a while he gets a hiss, and the playing immediately stops. He then runs off and tackles another one.

Within seconds of the first photo Nick was up and on the kitchen window trying to “capture” a lizard on the other side. Two seconds later (if that long) he was off and running out of the kitchen and down the hallway…

One thought on “nick is four months old

  1. Wonderful.

    We have a new visitor from the neighborhood, and according to a small name and telephone plate attached to her necklace her name is ‘Wilma’. She’s a real whirlwind, and my photo in was also difficult to take, and it doesn’t do her justice – she’s much cuter than on that 17mm photo. Maybe next time around – if she can hold still for another short moment :)

    All the best,

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